In 2015, ABC began investing in custom technology to promote and improve transparency, operational efficiency, field reporting, and performance enhancements to a whole new level. Today, not only that we have multiple purpose-built apps, but we also upgraded our technology development infrastructure dedicated to innovation, superior system security, and reliability.

The following suite of apps empowers ABC to maintain their service quality like none other:

Keeps the executive management, customer support, and the general management staff apprised in real-time on all incidents on any client property where ABC staff are operating. The system also enables ABC management staff to proactively mitigate any adverse incidents, accidents, and general business operations on a daily basis.

Assists supervisory staff to account for all employment resources deployed across the service area of all client properties.

All data tracked from each service location is captured the Timesheet System and feed directly into the Invoicing System - resulting in accurate invoicing to the client(s).

This system features a consumer app utilized by the residents, and a web application for the concierge service fulfillment team to conveniently create any number of orders, or jobs that are acknowledged, fulfilled, billed, and completed in a highly professional and courteous manner.

ABC teams are responsible for handling thousands of vehicles every day on behalf of our clients and their residents or customers. ABC developed a Parking Management system that tracks all relevant data related to the property's monthly parking customers in pursuit in providing the resident or public parking customer a seamless monthly parking management experience It includes a paperless sign-up process, vehicle parking space identification tracking and availability of spaces, automatic billing and much more.

This system was designed to help assign, deploy and track team members across all ABC sites for our valued clients. This system generates monthly employee profile reports that provides each of ABC's clients with each team members profile to include their name, picture, date of hire, date of when all pre-employment screening was performed, which trainings each team member received, as well as how many uniform garments were released to the team member.

Budget tracking and management are critical when planning a project for a client and ensuring successful execution without financial surprises. Therefore, our Budget Tracking system provides the ABC contracting teams with all the necessary financial and resource allocation data for a successful project management experience for all parties involved. In addition, it includes overall company budget tracking to ensure optimal financial management practices are being followed.

As a fast-growing company, we are not only hiring new talent frequently to add to our team; we focus on continued education and training for our existing teams as well. The Job Training automation plays a critical role when supporting the ongoing expansion of ABC and maintaining our higher quality standards at all times. Our job training system allows ABC to file all site-specific job descriptions per site in one centralized place, which includes job duty approval tracking, any associated changes by capturing dates, and other notes specific to each location to enhance the level of service being provided to our clients or client customers.

Supporting Partner Software

In addition to having a suite of custom software applications, ABC operations also take advantage by utilizing technology offered by supporting partners, including:

BuildingLink is a building operations management system utilized by ABC while the KeyLink system combines hardware, software, and biometric authentication to keep keys safe, staff accountable, and residents at ease.

Top-rated security guard management software, incident reporting system & guard tour systems. Offering security teams software to manage real-time officer tracking, digital guard tours, maintenance & parking enforcement.

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