Our Services


Depending on each project and client preferences, ABC management hand-picks team members based on their experience and pre-screening qualifications.

  • Concierge Management Service
  • Doorman Management Service
  • Front Door Greeter Service
  • Day-Night Watchman Service
  • Building Operation Management Consulting
  • Commercial Cleaning Service
  • Elevator Service
  • Fire Watch Service
  • Lobby Ambassador Service
  • Event Server / Clean up Attendant


With utmost care, ABC takes preventive measures to ensure that your vehicle and the facility it is parked in; are managed professionally. We also make every effort to make your interaction with our service team members a pleasant experience.

  • Valet Parking Management Service
  • Parking Garage Lot Design and Build
  • Parking Garage Management
  • Event Parking Management Service
  • Parking Management Service
  • Parking Control Equipment Sales
  • Parking Application Software - Design and Development
  • Parking Related Real Estate Acquisitions
  • Vehicle Way Finding - Directional Flagging Service


Our top priority is safety of the transport service we are providing; and making certain we provide a comfortable ride as well as mandating our drivers are screened twice a year for proper accreditations to meet higher standards for our customers and their guests. Security is ABC’s top priority while providing property access screening service management by following each policy and procedures with supporting documentation and reporting mechanisms.

  • Shuttle Transport Service
  • Courier Transport Service
  • Private Vehicle Transport Service
  • Vehicle Locksmith Service
  • Vehicle Relocation Service

General Labor Management

ABC supports staffing operations at major Ports and for major events providing quality team members that may be assigned to multiple labor tasks that frequently change due to the season ,event or sometimes the property's mix of service offerings. ABC stays ahead of the general labor requests by communicating with their clients effectively. Therefore, when sometimes the immediate labor need arises at the property ABC is ready to fulfill the labor requirement.

  • Vehicle Wash and Disinfectant Attendant
  • Vehicle Wrap Attendant
  • Recycling Attendant
  • Vehicle Checker Attendant
  • Vehicle Accessory Installer
  • Vehicle Pre-delivery Inspector
  • General Quality Assurance Inspector
  • Vehicle Under coater Attendant
  • Event Ambassador
  • Event Greeter
  • Warehouse Attendant
  • Associate Support Attendant
  • Packaging & Handling Attendant
  • Driver & Helper
  • Fork Lift Driver
  • Transportation, Distribution, and logistical Attendant
  • Maintenace Technician


Safety and Security of your property's access management is the first and foremost important aspect of protecting your residents, patients, staff, vendors, and others from any possible breach of unauthorized entry. Potential harm is the most primary focus points of all ABC security officers. Whether ABC officers are securing a private or public venue the key to the assured safety is the plan, and the associated execution of the operation at hand. ABC security leaders have over 40 years of professional security experience and who are trained from their career's early days in patrol, to Personal or Corporate Investigations, loss prevention and marine diving team experience.

  • Private Property Security
  • Commercial Property Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Unarmed Security
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Vehicle Processing and Access Management
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