An Overview

ABC Services Group is a professional services company; focused on providing a higher level of efficiency in the service management industry. We ensure hassle-free and smooth operations that property owners, stakeholders, and facility managers can rely on when offering the very best living and working atmosphere for each resident, patient, visitor, or customer.

Throughout Maryland, District Of Columbia and Virginia, ABC provides reliable management services to a growing list of clients in the following categories:

  • Hospitality

  • Parking

  • Transportation

  • Security


The current executive management team carries over 150 years of combined experience in various service industries. We continue to invest in middle management for superior supervision of each property ABC serves.

Our strong beliefs in transparency and core competencies such as proper infrastructure, quality assurance, reporting tools, and consistent evaluation measures are the foundation of ABC Services Group. We can assist you with tweaking your current operation and team or building a new operation with new team members. ABC does not focus on meeting industry standards. We exceed them consistently.


Established in 2004, ABC is a classic "self-made entrepreneur" story propelled by founding vision, dedication, and relentless pursuit of quality. Starting with boots on the ground to providing job opportunities to hundreds of families – transformed into highly skilled teams that are the building blocks of ABC today.

ABC earned its reputation by providing consistently reliable services to well-established brands in commercial and residential real estate, healthcare, and a growing list of other businesses clients.

Every client is taken care of from the first interaction to ongoing operations based on their unique needs, preferences and budget. Additionally, ABC can customize virtually any aspect of our offering to provide you with the best possible results.

Our service management specialists get trained to pay close attention to details and create proposals that fit your criteria; generally, exceeding in their value to you.

Please call us today to consult with one of our courteous service management specialists and see how ABC can help you with significant process improvements, cost savings, resource utilization, staffing, and so much more. References are available upon request.

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